• Défi 2014 - school Cambodia

    The project is presented below.

    Here is a small movie showing the works on September 15th 2015:


    Presentation of the project

    Perform or support a "Mekong Challenge" for the construction of five classrooms in a school in Cambodia. Here are some details about this project.


    Kingdom of Cambodia, province of Otdar Meanchay, Kouk Moan village in northwestern Cambodia, less than 30 km from Thailand. It is a border area that historically held many conflicts and with little infrastructure.

    A challenge for a school in Cambodia


    "Enfants du Mékong" already has several sponsorship programs around Kouk Moan and also a student center in Samrong, a town located 30 km from the village.

    The school in question has nearly 400 students from kindergarten to grade 6 (about 12 years old). Its principal, Mr. Beng Cheaung, has authority over seven other principals of schools attached to his, in the same county. He is recognized by the authorities for his personal involvement and educational sense. This is a unifying and charismatic man, but still humble. Very clever and creative, he puts his talents at the service of children and their education. Among his federating achievements (appeal to families for the construction and funding) of school improvement, we can mention:

    • a flowered area with geometric patterns to ornament the courtyard and for the use of math teachers
    • a perimeter fence of the school for the children safety and for the sustainability of the school (land ownership)

    A challenge for a school in Cambodia

    Moreover, this school was chosen by CIDO, Khmer NGO specializing in agricultural development, to be a "model" of their ambitious program of implementation of vegetable gardens in over 40 schools in the province. So the teachers of the selected schools will receive an agricultural training there in order to be able to implement a vegetable garden in their own schools.

    In 2002, the ruling political party had built a 5 classes building in order to secure the votes of the villagers. To limit costs, the people in charge saved on quality: thickness of walls, foundations, tin roofs... Experts have confirmed that renovation was impossible. Two classrooms have already been closed for safety reasons. Others are also at risk.

    The authorities refused to pay for a new building, because of lack of funds and will. That is why the principal asked for the help of "Enfants du Mékong".

    Project : presentation and budget

    The project is therefore to build a new building for 5 classes, close to the old one, this time with a solid foundation and good quality materials.

    A challenge for a school in Cambodia

    The entrepreneur Mr. Chao Seth will handle the completion of works. He has already built numerous school buildings for "Enfants du Mékong". He is a man of faith and devoted to "Enfants du Mékong" cause. He is also committed to provide a 5 year warranty for all defaults. The villagers are also committed to prepare the ground before work.

    A challenge for a school in Cambodia

    The land of the future 5 classes building

    The gross budget for the project is € 52,000.