• 2015 challenge for the students of Dumaguete (Philippines)

    In 2015, The Mekong Challenge aims to fund a year of promotion of students in Dumaguete, Philippines. They arrive after their efforts in order to work, support their families and finally found theirs. It's the home stretch and we did not abandon them!

    Project location

    City of Dumaguete, capital of Negros Oriental province.

    Dumaguete (Philippines)

    Description of Dumaguete center

    The sponsorship program of Dumaguete, opened in May 2009, has been transformed as a student center in November 2011.

    Foyer de Dumaguete (Philippines)

    37 students will benefit from this project.

    Etudiants de Dumaguete (Philippines)


    The students study in varied curriculum such as engineers, teachers, political science, business management, media communication... All come from extremely poor families and hope to one day become recognized professionals and help their families.

    To supervise, encourage and empower these young people, a team is in charge of the management of homes, including a volunteer ("Bamboo") and a social worker. They follow the students in their studies, their personal development, their relationships with their families and put in place some activities that empower them and provide them with additional general culture:

    •  Private classes
    • Required hours of study
    • Human and professional training (personal development activity, knowledge of the world, sports, art, cultural and relaxing outings ...)
    • Community Services (support for teachers in nursery, implementation and maintenance of a garden in a school ...)
    • Home maintenance and food budget management
    • Development of the Alumni Association

    After 1 an, 100 % of 2014 graduates found employment!

    Diplômés 2014 de Dumaguete (Philippines)

    2015 objectives and budget

    2015 objectives are the following:

    • continue to train young people during their studies, including structure the proposed trainings and offer additional online trainings
    • Better guide the graduating high school students for their college studies by organizing a forum dedicated to candidates to the center
    • Organize a pre-employment forum for final year students
    • Organize company visits
    • Implement follow-up actions and loyalty of alumni

    The budget is € 33,000. It includes the administrative costs of the center, training costs, social monitoring (including accommodation) and project processing and operating costs of the association. This is the part of the total budget not covered by sponsorships (because each student is already sponsored).